Artistic residencies

artistic residencies

Artistic residencies in Performing Arts

l’Obrador – Espai de Creació is a space totally prepared to carry out artistic residencies. The main room has 198 square metres aimed to artistic creation and rehearsals. The room is 18 metre long, 11 metre wide and 5.50 metre high.

This space has natural and artificial light, sound equipment, wooden floors with top quality linoleum and inverter air conditioning. There are also changing rooms, bathrooms, showers and a kitchen-dining room. These facilities allow l’Obrador to open its doors as a space for artistic residencies in Performing Arts to all those companies and emerging and consolidated creators who have difficulty accessing spaces to work and rehearse spaces.

Inspiration for artistic residencies

As a space for artistic residencies, l’Obrador goes one step further thanks to the combination of the experience of its founder and artistic director, Roberto Olivan, and the beauty of the setting that surrounds it in Deltebre. This composition allows companies to have access to well-equipped facilities where they can develop their creation processes, and it also allows them to count on the experience of Olivan as an external eye. It is an ideal place to find inspiration in the unique landscapes of the territory.