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spaces of l’Obrador

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The spaces of l’Obrador – Espai de Creació have been specially designed and prepared for the artistic activity. The combination between its location in Deltebre’s former rice cooperative and the intense refurbishment and adaptation of the place has managed to create a space with a feeling of industrial and artistic aesthetic reminiscent. R.O.P.A. – Roberto Olivan Performing Arts is based in a magical setting that fosters creativity and the bodies’ freedom.

The main room of l’Obrador is 18 metre long, 11 metre wide and 5.50 metre high. In total, there are 198 square metres aimed to artistic creation. This main room has natural and artificial light, wooden floors with top quality linoleum, sound equipment and inverter air conditioning. There are also changing rooms, bathrooms, showers and a kitchen-dining room as well as an office for the company.

Likewise, l’Obrador – Espai de Creació is close to commercial premises, such as bars, restaurants, supermarkets, accommodations and many other services. l’Obrador is a creation space totally prepared for the artistic activity where to carry out creations, rehearsals and artistic residencies thanks to the combination between a multipurpose space with top quality equipments and its proximity to external services.

The spaces in l’Obrador

Rehearsal space
Office/meeting room
Changing rooms, bathrooms and adapted shower
Kitchen – dining room
Car park


Wooden floor with top quality linoleum
Sound equipment
Inverter air conditioning