The surroundings

creation space in Deltebre

Creation space in Deltebre, a magical setting

l’Obrador – Espai de Creació is the space of creation in Deltebre, located in the heart of the Ebre Delta. l’Obrador is surrounded by a unique landscape, a wide natural setting that opens its doors to artistic creation. The colours, the landscapes, the gastronomy, the scents, the local people… All this creates a small paradise where movement takes shape on its own.

Deltebre is located in the centre of the Ebre Delta National Park, accompanied by river, sea, lagoons, dunes, river islands… A land where the rice cycle characterises the colour of the landscapes. A land where the infinite can be seen over the horizon.

The river Ebre passes through these lands to be a source of life and create spectacular landscapes. This natural spot fosters inspiration. The artist connects with the environment and finds himself, to listen, to reflect and discover the ways in which to speak to the world around him.

With a fully-equipped interior and an exterior framed with unique landscapes, this space of creation in Deltebre is born to be a place of creation and artistic exchange open to the world.