The programme of L’OBRADOR Creation Space, includes other activities beyond the shows:

Creaciones comunitarias

Community creations

As part of the activities linked to the local community, L’OBRADOR makes creations that involve both artists and the local community.

Actividades de inclusión social

Inclusive activities

Inclusive dance workshops are scheduled in collaboration with local care centres. It is a practice that seeks for transformation in terms of inclusion of people with different degrees of functional diversity. L’OBRADOR seeks to promote affection, respect, solidarity, communication and acceptance.

Arte y cine

Art and cinema

A commitment to cinema and the audiovisual world that contributes to the opening of L’OBRADOR to new audiences and aims to bring “cinema afternoons” back to life. These are art-related screenings that were born under the name of ART CINEMA.



L’OBRADOR encourages collaboration and exchange of opinions, perspectives or even resources between artists and creative centres. This is done to improve the development of artistic activity and the creation of synergies. This is the goal with which these professional sessions or meetings are generated, whether face-to-face or virtual.

L'OBRADOR is currently collaborating with: