L’OBRADOR Creation Space’s aim in terms of cultural programme is to democratise, decentralise and de-seasonalise the cultural offer.

One of the main reasons behind L’OBRADOR’s mission is to bring culture closer to the local community, that is, to decentralise it from the country’s cultural hubs and to deseasonalise it. L’OBRADOR offers a stable programme that encourages complicity between the local community and the organisation, whilst approaching dance and circus to people’s daily lives.

It is also about offering artists a new stage where to show their work. In fact, L’OBRADOR not only programs shows that are already on tour, but also “open rehearsals” and “pre-premieres”, that is, presentations of the works of artists who are residents in our space and are not yet finished.

L’OBRADOR offers a diverse and inclusive programme, both in terms of audiences (shows for adults, families and children) and in terms of artists (settled artists, emerging artists and focusing particularly on local artists).