l’Obrador, the Performing Arts’ headquarters

l’Obrador – Espai de Creació is the headquarters of Roberto Olivan’s company, founder and artistic director of R.O.P.A. – Roberto Olivan Performing Arts and the Festival Deltebre Dansa.

After an intense artistic career throughout the world, l’Obrador is a new step in the dreams of Olivan, who has been encouraging the artistic activity in Terres de l’Ebre since 2004 (Catalonia, Spain) with the creation of the Festival Deltebre Dansa, a benchmark event in the international scene of the Performing Arts.

Experiencing the Performing Arts in l’Obrador

The aim of l’Obrador is to deseasonalise the artistic activity in the town in order to become a centre for continuous artistic creation throughout the whole year. In this way, l’Obrador will not only host the activity of the Festival Deltebre Dansa, but also the continuous activity of the company R.O.P.A.

As part of its creative activities, since 2001, R.O.P.A. has created, produced and toured internationally with its own performances and workshops as well as commissioned works for dance companies, universities, dance institutions and schools. In this regard, l’Obrador wants to be a point of experimentation and encounter between the different artistic disciplines to find new ways in the expression of the movement. A space to reflect through the body. A bridge from where to generate international links with the Performing Arts sector in this commitment to Art and Culture. An annual professional meeting point. A space from which to support artistic creation and to promote transversality between the different disciplines of the movement. The headquarters of the exploration and transgression of the limits of movement.

The space is located in Deltebre’s former rice cooperative. This project has been possible thanks to a transfer of space by the Deltebre City Council, and to the comprehensive remodel financed and directed by the Olivan’s company, thereby opening the doors to the international artistic creation.