Francisco Thiago | Também se matam cavalos

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The look of a horse is the most beautiful and the saddest thing in the world. Horses are killed when they are no longer useful to humans: as if things or beings only existed to be useful to us.

In what is known as the “Brazilian Holocaust” more than 60,000 people were murdered. Most were homosexuals, single mothers, epileptics, prostitutes, enemies of the elite, alcoholics… supposed social waste. All of them were locked up in an isolated place together with those diagnosed with mental illnesses. They were medicated, tortured and killed.

Também se matam cavalos is about a herd of horses that run free in the open field, exhausted but happy, not knowing that they are going to die in war. A reflective work on the deprivation of liberty and the neutralization of divergence.



Francisco Thiago is a Brazilian artist and educator. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Dance and a Master’s Degree in Education, specializing in Inclusion, Ethics and Intercultural Research. He currently resides in Lisbon, where in 2021 he completed the Advanced Creation Program in Performing Arts under the guidance of João Fiadeiro. From this program emerged Também se matam cavalos, with the collaboration of Francisca Pinto, Piero Ramella and Bárbara Cordeiro.

Francisca Pinto is a Portuguese dancer and performer. In 2006 she graduated from the Portuguese National Dance Conservatory and in 2009 she finished her degree at the Superior School of Dance (Lisbon). In addition, she has a master’s degree in communication sciences in art. As a dancer, she has worked with Martine Pisani, Clara Andermatt, Dani Lima, Tânia Carvalho, among others.

Piero Ramella is an Italian visual artist, dancer and performer. He has training in painting and is a Capoeira teacher. He has studied dance and movement with Masaki Iwana, Lucia Palladino, Frey Faust and João Fiadeiro. In 2014 he graduated in Philosophy at the University of Trieste. Between 2018 and 2020 he completed advanced studies in performance in Brussels. In 2021 he completed the Advanced Creation Program in Performing Arts, where he was invited to participate in the creation of Francisco Thiago.

Bárbara Cordeiro is a Portuguese dancer, director and producer. She has completed the Advanced Creation Program in Performing Arts under the guidance of João Fiadeiro. She has worked with Olga Roriz, Catarina Câmara, André de Campos and Miguel Moreira. In addition, she is a dancer at the Companhia do Chapitô and is a contemporary dance teacher.

Organized by: ROPA / Roberto Olivan Performing Arts and L’OBRADOR Espai de Creació.
With the support of: Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya and Diputació de Tarragona.


18 Mar 2023


8:00 pm

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